Reflection Paper On Athletes

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During the semester, I learned a lot on how to deal with psychological distress and how as an athletic trainer I should deal with athletes to overcome their situation and be there for them. Throughout my time as an athletic training student, I always liked to observe my preceptors on how they deal with athletics that are having psychological distress after injuries, and how as an athletic trainer I should handle these situations in a professional manner. There is one situation in particular that occurred during the King’s College football season that I would like to discuss. During the beginning of the season, one of the football players was running a route and jumped to catch a football and landed awkwardly. My preceptor and I immediately…show more content…
I would have been there for the athlete, like my preceptor was in order to help the athlete cope with the situation. I would try and calm the patient down on the field and when he was ready transport him to the athletic training room to give him some personal space, before I evaluated the patient. After the evaluation I would discuss the results from my evaluation and I would comfort the patient and instruct him to keep a positive mindset on the situation, like my preceptor had done. Overall, I do not think there is anything that I would have done differently. I think it was a little bit easier for my preceptor to talk and comfort the athlete because he understood and knew the athletes personality because he had to deal with the same situation with the athlete last year. By dealing with the same athlete and possibly the same injury I believe it might have been helpful in a way that my preceptor already knew how to handle the situation with this particular athlete, because he had done so just last year. If it was a different athlete than it was, I may have handled the situation differently depending on the athlete and their
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