Reflection Paper On Andragogy

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As an aspiring administrator I believe that the key to a successful learning environment hinges on the faculty being committed to a constant state of learning. For me to facilitate this kind of professional learning community I must first understand that all of my faculty and staff have different drives and ambitions so one would be a fool to try to pigeon hole the entire staff into one style of adult learning. I have chosen andragogy to discuss in this third reflection mainly because I have not written on this holistic approach yet. I believe by looking at, and understanding andragogy, as well as the other specific learning theories that we have discussed I can better facilitate an effective professional learning community. Merriam and…show more content…
As an adult learner I can see this assumption first hand. Merriam and Bierema (2014)discuss how an adult learner has more on their mind than an adolescent learner because of the many hats and adult learner wears. It is easy to see how the social pressures of being an adult learner with a full time job, a wife, and two kids, and being a pillar in the community would drive someone to want to become more educated. The slippery slope here is balancing the demands of the fore mentioned and the demands of a formal graduate…show more content…
During that discussion I would ask them to tell me specifics about what they gained from that class. Since there was not a good opinion of the training, recall of knowledge would more than likely be nominal at best. After that I would ask them to recall a time when they attended a relevant professional development session. I would then describe to them how andragogy focuses on the relevance and immediate impact that the learning needs to have for an adult learner to have long-term retention of knowledge. After doing that I would ask them specifics that they remember about that day. By doing this I would be able to show how they were able to pull from their knowledge reservoir gained that day. Once I have shown them how a good experience lead to more knowledge gained it would be easy for them to understand andragogy. From personal experiences at informal and formal learning moments I know that for me to get the most out of my teachers I have to “practice what I preach”. The easiest way for me to demonstrate genuine andragogy is to attend relevant trainings and conferences on issues that impact our school. Another way for me to help insure teacher compliance is to take one of my lead teachers with me so they to can draw first hand from the topics
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