Reflection Paper On Abstinence

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During the abstinence exercises for my Addiction Recovery and Social Work Practice course, I learned how to mentally abstain from my desires. During the weeks of abstaining, I decided to abstain from sodas, sex, cigarettes, and social media in order to understand the equivalence of individuals who have an addiction for drugs or alcohol. While abstaining from my desires, I found healthier ways, and activities to keep me focus on the assignment; for example, during my social media exercise, I decided to stay away from all social networks and spend time with family, and going on dates to work on my communication skills. Overall, the learning experience for the abstinence exercise has taught me that I have more mental power than I expected and…show more content…
Around the time of the exercises was also the time I was focusing on fitness, watching my food portions, and positivity. Mentally, the exercises helped with my confidence, and created room to be social and love myself. When the class initially was given the abstinence challenge, I felt it would be easy to give up something you desire but overall it was a huge challenge giving up some things. I decided to abstain from my desires because I wanted to see a difference in my body, and also my stability to maintain from unneeded…show more content…
The book states “ As we experience living clean with its ups and downs, miracles and struggles, dead ends and open doors, we see the world more clearly and better understanding of our place in it”. It is important to remember that it is not where we have been that counts, but where we are going. We learn from out experience and we should use it to help others. The wisdom grows as we learn to see ourselves; without judging to conclusions. During the assignment I gained faith in myself to conquer over any obstacle. Growing up around drugs and alcohol was not important to me because my family never allowed children around while adults participated in their actions. Stability is important for us to thrive, but there is a difference between being stable and being stuck. Once our addictions takes over our time, mind, and value, we lose ourself. This assignment was needed because I picked up signs that helped distinguish serenity. I learned not to judge others, be ungrateful, and agitated with people with personal issues. Obstacles gave me a chance to challenge myself during the assignment. When we set goals for ourselves, we move toward them a day at a time, knowing that when we’re doing the rights things, the right things tend to
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