Reflection Paper In English

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English 101 is going to be a cake walk, or so I thought as the course embarked on if first assignment. As the first paper came due I quickly realized I could not have been more wrong. Having always thought that I could accurately convey a story yet, finding it to be very difficult when doing so for a grade. Discussing issues that in my mind could be described in only a few short sentences, then turning it into 500-1000 word essay was my conquest and at times my demise. As I lay awake at night, my mind would be riddled with ideas for the upcoming essays. I would have so many great notions of what to write just before falling asleep; I would arise to compose them on paper only finding that once a pen and paper had been obtained the…show more content…
Learning that always giving 100% all the time, even if it does not produce an A, is always worth it. To never give up and charge ahead no matter how problematic it gets. I have heard several times throughout my life that the more you write, the better it will be; thinking this was a line used solely to encourage people to write, none the less, it is true. Not only does the process of repetitive writing make you better, writing also helps open the mind to let the soul flow freely, once a person has discovered this as I would like to think I have, writing becomes slightly more enjoyable. Writing on topics that I have a passion for is going to be a much more tranquil process because of this course.
As far as assignments in this course, my absolute favorite was the definition essay and my least favorite the research essay. Figuring out exactly what lookism was, as I had never heard of it before, made this my favorite project, and writing style. Explaining ideas and processes is something I enjoyed, not only because it a form I will utilize in the future and have used in the past, it also taught me the meaning of something I would have never known had I not taken this
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