Reflection Paper In College English

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Before this class, I never thought I was a good writer. I never put much thought or effort into any type of English work. I was always good at answering short answer response questions because I got my point across in a timely fashion. Reading wasn’t my strong point, so over this past semester I have point a huge emphasis on my reading and writing skills, hoping that before I headed off to college I would learn these crucial parts of English. I took this class to improve my writing, reading, grammar, and thinking skills to become a better all around student. College English has done a great job of getting me ready for the real deal college classes. I now understand what it takes to write a good college level paper, and how much work and effort I have to put forth to reach my goals in life.…show more content…
Some people don’t rely how good they truly have it. This article not only taught me a lot, but it helped me with my thinking skills. It is not easy to find similarities and differences between a rich family and your every day Ozarks family. By using a lot of transitional words and phrases, I tried to put the essay together and make it flow. I feel that not only this lesson, but the entire class as a whole has been a tremendous help to my college classes in the present and future. Not only has it helped my present and future classes but it has also helped my planning in the future. I will no longer need a college English credit, so I am extremely thankful for the dual credit
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