Reflection Paper: Fundamentals Of Teamwork

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Victoria Bergman
Reflection Paper
Fundamentals of Teamwork
Jefferson College of Health Science

I learned a lot of things that I was not aware of about teams and teamwork. I learned how to be an effective and efficient team member but also how to be a leader in times when needed. We learned about team roles which I really think helped me realize what kind of people you need for a team to be successful and things that I need to work on to be a good team member. I also learned to trust my team members. I have had some bad group work experiences but this course showed me how to handle tricky situations and I also had an awesome group which really made me think that group work is not always as bad as it may seem. Also as I mentioned before I also learned to be an effective leader. In chapter 10 we discussed the key leadership traits, these were really important to me because I plan to go on to the Nursing Administration Master’s program here at Jefferson so leadership skills will be important for me to develop. Not only did I learn about teamwork but I learned how to be a better person individually so that I can work in a team effectively. I learned to find my personal strengths and weaknesses and try to improve things that need to be improved by taking feedback from others and learning from mistakes.
Our group assignments and activities were very informative and really helped us develop good teamwork skills. Starting with the Group Norms Assignment. I thought this was an excellent assignment because it allowed me, and my team members to “put everything on the table”. In other words it allowed us to set rules for our group so that everyone is aware of what is expected of them and there is no confusion. I thought my gr...

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... to my career. Since I am a nursing major and plan to work in the emergency room when I graduate I will need a lot of teamwork skills to be able to accomplish my goals. Team work is very important in any area of the hospital but especially the emergency room because you have to work quickly to save the person’s life. If you cannot work as a team in this field then it will not be successful. I also found the leadership components in this class. As I mentioned earlier my goal is to continue on into administration and these leadership traits will be a great thing to have under my belt. Overall I think this class was very interesting and informative and I plan to use the things I have learned in my career and in the rest of my life.

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