Reflection Paper About My Father

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My Father.
I think that almost everyone has been influenced by someone at least once in their lives. From virtues to defects, there is one particular person in my life that has helped shape the individual I am today. Since birth, my father has been a great inspiration, especially when I have needed to make decisions about being responsible. I consider the adversities and sacrifices that he has endured in order to promote a better life for me on his behalf. Even after the divorce of my parents when I was a child, my father continued to teach me how to become more considerate, engaging, and responsible. The valuable lessons he has imparted on me have given me the power, perhaps even with a touch of bravado, to defeat whatever challenges I am faced with.
Because of my father taught me how to comport myself in public, I could be a polite and thoughtful man. “Politeness, does not remove courage” is something that my father used to said when I was a kid. My father has been always a discipline man. One day when I
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My father never pushed me to be a good student. He used to tell me “I just want you to do your best”. However, I had the need to make him proud of me. I tried my best in school, but I didn’t get good grades. Anyhow, as a treat, my father and me used to go to an annual trip to different places after the school ended. Those trips elicited from myself a passion for studying no matter how good were my grades because he used to say that “any effort with perseverance needs to be rewarded”. After all these years I realized that I am a person that does not work because of the money, I work because I love what I do. Being a chemical engineer, is one of the things that I need to thanks to my father. He helped me to go through all of those years in college. Now, I think that the reward is for both of

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