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Tell me about your family There are six people in my family. This includes my husband Jason and our four children. Their names are Tyler, Paige, Lyla, and Hayden. Tyler and Paige are from my first marriage and Lyla and Hayden are from my marriage with Jason. We also have two cats, named Gizmo and Elizabeth. Our house is very full, but we love it because it is always warm and welcoming. (Becky’s family is blended because of her two marriages. This is different from my family because my sisters and I all grew up with the same mother and father). Is having a blended family tough? No, I would not say so. My previous husband and I have a positive relationship and just want what is best for our kids. We both know that us being married is not a good idea, but we can still remain friends so our children can benefit and not be stressed out about whose side to take. My current husband also gets along with my ex-husband which helps to keep our families civil. My ex-husband will always be in my life because of my first two kids, but as long as we are civil and can work together it will only benefit our children. Tell me about your child (children)? My oldest son is Tyler. He is fourteen years old and a freshman in high school. He is a very smart and laid back person. Tyler also enjoys playing travel baseball. My second child is my daughter Paige. She is very smart and a very talented dancer. She has been dancing since…show more content…
I found this interview very interesting because of the way her family is blended. Becky has two children from one marriage and two from another. This is different from my family because my sisters and I all have the same father and mother. She provided a lot of insight on what goes on in her day to day life and how she keeps a big family in check. I was able to learn more about her school district and how her family has enjoyed their schooling

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