Reflection Paper About Love

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The theme that speaks to me the most is Love. What love means to me is when people have a feeling of deep affection towards another person. God gave us a precious gift that we should all cherish which in today’s time most people are tempted by the devil to not love the way God wants us to. I will discuss different points from the Old and New Testament, am going to be mentioning scriptures about love that is in the Bible. I chose the theme love because as I said before love is a precious gift that God has given us to cherish and love others as we love ourselves. In the Old Testament love is described as affectionate, strong liking, romantic, and sexual implications. Love is described in the New Testament as it has more specific meanings than the English word meaning “love”. I believe that God gave us this gift so that we can share it among others and not harm on another because God loves us all the time even when we are sinning. My thinking about love is that most people today do not know the meaning of love, I believe that if God was able to physically sit down and speak to us he would be…show more content…
This theme about love spoke to me the most because like I said throughout my paper love is not the same as it was before. I discussed different points and scriptures from the Old and New Testament and showed that this gift that God has given us a thing we need to admire and appreciate from him. Love is a special gift that everyone has, this is a process of transformation we can call sanctification, or growing as a human being. One thing I know for sure is that God always loves us even when we do wrong, while we get angry and hurt others emotionally, God is slow to get angry. I believe that we have to be patient, loving and understanding especially to our loved ones even if they were to deserve
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