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As everyone know, Christianity is one of the most popular religion in the world. There are three main types of Christianity which are Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodox Church. Although there are different types of Christianity, there is only one faith they believe in, which is God. Ever since my ancestors, my family and I are Buddhist and I do not know much about Christianity. In the recent years, Christianity has become very popular in China. On my last winter vacation, I flew back to China to visit my family. As usual, I was invited out for dinner by most of my relatives. Out of surprise, one of my aunt invited me to a Christmas gathering to have dinner with Christians. I was totally surprised by the amount of people attending the party. The whole room was very crowded and everyone there are very friendly. The Christianity community is growing at a very fast pace and many Buddhists in China has converted to Christians. I am a very democratic person and I think it is a great thing to have faith no matter which god people choose to believe in. Personally, I do not have much knowledge in Christianity; I only know Christianity is a religion about love and forgiving, but I did watch many movies that are related to Christianity. No matter what religious I believe, the history and knowledge about Christianity is still good to study. After the course “Introduction to Christianity”, my understanding about Christianity has grown rapidly. I am really interested in the parables in the Bible. Parables are the easiest and most effective way to understand God’s behaviors. Parables are the stories told by Jesus, and these parables represents the reasons why Jesus talked about parables, the faith, and God’s character.
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...ry close to you like our parents, and we should look for our sin to return to God.
The history and spiritual meaning of parables represent the influence of Jesus’s behaviors. Jesus told people the parables, and make people to do reflection. It washes our soul, and we understand the behaviors and character of God. These parables cannot talk by several words, people have to understand and experience by themselves. Although I am not a Christian, I am respect to Jesus and admire his spirit. We can understand many concept about Christian through the story of Jesus, because we can figure out the complicated principles through his simple story. God bring the grace and mercy to people, it not because how good we are, and it just because God is kind and generous. No matter what circumstance we are, we have to remember that there is no one so lost that God cannot save you.
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