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Writing has always been a difficult subject for me to tackle throughout my education. I enjoy writing academic essays and rhetorically analyzing in research papers but not personal narratives of any sort. In this class, there was a combination of both, which helped me to continue to grow as a writer. During this semester, I have learned several valuable things in this class and gained a lot of knowledge to use in future academic classes. From different styles of writing, how to analyze images, MLA format, rhetorical analysis, and structuring my writing to an online audience. Even though this class initially seemed to be a difficult task, going through the entire semester beginning to end has helped make writing a more achievable challenge.…show more content…
There were many different techniques and devices; I used to achieve the goal of each essay. My first goal is to read and take notes on the chapter and trying to understand the concept on my own. Second is to listen during lecture and reviewing examples given of how to start my paper. Third is making sure to ask questions if I did not understand how to proceed. All of these ways were the answer to having successful papers this semester. These steps were critical in my writing process; I was able to use these concepts to create a stable flow in my writing. Previously, in my high school classes I would just start writing and then go back to rearrange my essays but in college that would not work out. With the help of my instructor, Ms. Perkins she helped me gain a flow of writing and structure. I planned out all four of my essays before I started to write them, and I think using that process made it much easier for me to…show more content…
I wrote rhetorically for the first time, put my writing online, and gain a new understanding of writing. Of course, I learned about MLA format and citing, which is more important than it seems to be. Also, realized that my writing performance can be improved immensely based on spending more time on my assignments. As well as my grammar, general flow, and the maturity of my writing enhanced thanks to this class. The main reason I became a better writer was because my teacher. Ms. Perkins was one of the reasons why I did well this semester in English. She would always tailor her class to whatever I would need to be successful. She taught what was needed to have a strong base to my writing that was to draft, revise, edit and proofread. Also, she focused on grammar and format
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