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This year, all I wanted to was to get over the semester. I really never had my priorities straight. I always thought that college has been just a place where you meet new people, and also a place where you have fun. But now that I had to face the actual struggles of college, I had to learn that college wasn’t just about having fun and playing games. Waiting for the clock to tell me when the class was over wasn’t my main priority. My main priority after half of the semester was to get as much information I could possibly from my professors. I realized that college wasn’t just like ordinary school, a second high school. It was the place where I began my future career, and also college was the starting point of a new life. I’m pretty grateful…show more content…
Ever since I had to start writing and reading, I’ve never been good at it. Mainly it was because I lacked interest in those subjects. That essay I wrote at the beginning of the semester, taught me that writing is just about words on paper. There is much more than that now. I learned that I can enjoy writing by putting my self-imagination onto paper, and letting other people learn from my own experiences. Writing doesn’t just have to be boring, I’ve started to have fun with writing because I learned that I was capable of it. For example, I can write about a funny moment that happened to me, and relate that to the topic of the essay. So now I put a little more excitement in my essays than how I use for write them. I’ve also used the same vocabulary a lot in my past. Slowly, my vocabulary started to increase because I was wise enough to listen to my professor. I began to read outside of class. So slowly I’m increasing in my writing and reading…show more content…
I knew it was a college class, but I figured that it wouldn’t be that hard. So coming up to the mid-term, I figured that I had it all under control. I never grasped the idea of being college readiness. I realized that I had to share the knowledge that I learned because if I didn’t, what was my purpose of learning it. My main goal that I set after I had taken my mid-term was, to get even better at writing. I figured I had increased my skill in writing because when I received my grade for my mid-term, I saw an A. So my hopes were really high until I flipped the page and saw a C on my self-evaluation paper. I really would’ve liked an A, but my expectations were at a B. I just had figured that I did very well, but my grade didn’t show it. It was passing, but it wasn’t well enough to my expectations. So my recognition and developing skills test were very good, but I didn’t reflect those skills toward my essay. So now once I saw that grade, I realized that I had to push hard than I was because if I wanted a good average, I had to work hard for it. Now my goal is to figure out the new types of sentences my professor taught me. Not just learning them, but also applying them to my essay because I want my essays to become even better constructed than how they use to be. I was always told that if your goal doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough. That’s why I have set
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