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My achievements throughout this semester have been greater than I initially thought at the beginning of the class. I originally struggled with finding topics to write about it, making my work flow from topic to topic and between sentences, and citing my sources in APA format. The one aspect I am particularly proud of is how well I did on the assignment of citing sources, which I received a higher score on compared to the class average. Other than citing sources, I have partially overcome my struggle with transitions with the help of the writing assignments and the resources in the textbooks for making sentences and paragraphs flow. My last difficulty of coming up with topics was also resolved as I chose topics in the medical field, which I am interested in. As can be seen in my work is how I tried to use topics that may be relevant to the class. My portfolio consists of three papers, including: an analysis of an argument, an argumentative paper, and a research paper. The first paper, an analysis of an argument, is written on an article debating if eighteen year olds should be considered adults. I chose this topic…show more content…
I wrote this article mainly because I am really interested in this topic due to the fact that I have worked at a tanning salon for the last four years. I knew the points I wanted to address in my argument and I learned more on the topic by finding sources for my paper. Originally, I planned on writing about how tanning beds aren’t dangerous, but as I began my research I found that most of the information separated the dangers of tanning salons and in-home tanning beds, which I then incorporated in my paper. Overall this writing project was my favorite to write. I though I did well with bringing in information that people did not know before reading the article as well as bringing in credible sources such as the World Health

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