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Before starting college, I thought general ed classes were pointless. I just wanted to take classes related to my major and get out. When I found out I would be taking UWrite1104, I thought “Great another English class.” I now see how UWrite is a helpful college class and how it is more than just another English class. On the first day of class, my best friend and I walk in and sit down and we start to look around. It was a small classroom with about 25 kids in it. I was expecting a large lecture style class with a teacher saying “Read this! Read that!” but instead we got a teacher who was there to guide us as we learned how to apply writing skills to real life situations. The smaller setup let us discuss ideas as a class, and effectively…show more content…
We touched on subjects like criticism or being taught a new skill by a teacher, parent, or friend. We all were told to think about where our writing experience came from and the issue we have had while writing. By starting with a reflection on writing history, I started to understand why this class was necessary. I knew that I had only ever thought of writing as a school activity. This class changed that. I now understand that I will have to write in the future or create a presentation with ideas that I need to effectively communicate to an audience. In order to prepare us for many website assignments in the future, we were assigned groups and we all made a team website that revolved around giving advice to an audience that might be going through the same writing struggles that we did. Afterwards we had an individual assignment that was to create a how to guide on making a website. This project allowed us to practice our website making skills before other assignments would require a team or individual…show more content…
Each assignment lead to another and the skills kept building and linking together. Despite what I first assumed this class would be like, these assignments were not pointless. We learned how to communicate, present, and market ideas and information. These are skills we will need in the future, not just in another college class, but in a job setting also. This class not only made me a better writer, but gave me the ability to more effectively share whatever it is I have to say in a way that can be received and understood, maybe even enjoyed. I now see why this class is required and how it will help every student prepare for whatever it is they go on to do. UWrite1104 was not just a class I needs to fill for credit hours, but a class that gave me life skills that I will continue to use throughout my
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