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Writing in high school was so much simpler than the writings done in college. As a high school student, the effort put into writing is not as great as the effort needed for a college class. In high school, here wasn’t any critiquing or a revising period. The papers were much shorter and the styles and audiences really differed as well. Comparing my writing in high school to the writing I have done during my first semester as a freshman college student, I have witnessed my writing become stronger. It is more structured and the topics written about really helped me learn more than just writing down words. These papers taught me how to navigate and find helpful research. This class also helped me conduct a proper interview which is important…show more content…
We simply wrote our papers and turned them in. For my first college writing class, it was different. After all our papers were written we had other students revise them. This is one of the most helpful parts of class. Receiving a second opinion on my work has greatly impacted my writing in a positive way. Getting second opinions, others views, and feedback can show the weak parts of their papers, and can then be revised for the better. The critiques I have personally done helped me to look back on my papers and see if I to had made similar mistakes. I have discovered that critiquing and revising drafts have proved to only benefit papers and writing…show more content…
The first one was a rhetorical analysis of a speech shown in class. The second was an argumentative research paper about the most recent election. The last paper, number three, was a research topic about writing in the career individual students wanted to go into. My favorite paper was the second one, however, my first paper was my strongest. My second paper had two specific, major problems, that really brought down both my ethos and grade. While writing these papers, I learned things as I went. I learned after my first paper that I needed a better tone for my second paper, and after writing my second paper I learned I needed better, stronger sources for my third paper. These three papers greatly helped to expand my writing skills, and I also learned different issues associated with the three paper topics. All the writings I have done have been a long yet great learning

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