Reflection Paper

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Marie Curie once said, “One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.” This quote rings especially true for me. I have always had trouble recognizing my accomplishments. Instead of patting myself on the back, I just shift my anxiety to handling the next task. Consequently, I also have trouble believing in myself and my ability to write. While these issues may seem like ant hills to some, I have faced big mountains to get where I am and continue to face new obstacles each day. By overcoming these challenges, I have learned skills to utilize in my daily life and become more adept at handling what life throws at me. This class has taught me, even sometimes in an indirect way, about more than just writing. I have…show more content…
Procrastination can seem like an insurmountable beast; however, with planning and hard work it can be overcome. In my high school classes, while it did require some sleep deprivation and extra effort, I could still succeed despite my procrastination habits. I have learned throughout the semester that this practice will not sustain me in college-level courses. At the beginning of the semester, I knew I would need to make a purposeful effort to plan my schedule instead of waiting until the last minute. I put all my energy into writing an excellent paper. This paid off when I earned an A on my first essay. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for meticulousness in my writing declined after that. I procrastinated and was left with insufficient time to compose an essay of the same caliber. At the time, I thought I had put forth my best effort, but as evidenced with the previous paper, I could do better. Using that experience, I was able to learn and apply a more strategic plan for writing my research essay. While I have not yet received my grade for that assignment, I think that it is some of my best work and I finally feel proud of myself. When I do not procrastinate, I am able to use stronger writing techniques to create a more entertaining and cohesive