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I understand that you have asked students to help you improve teaching at ECC by sharing with you examples of good learning experiences. I would like to share mine with you.
My senior year of high school I took ap psychology. I took this class with no interest in the subject whatsoever , but I came out of the class being in love with the subject. I found psychology to be so interesting, but what I loved even more was the teaching style. We would be assigned to read chapters for homework and do notecards( the notecards were optional but very beneficial to do). Then in class we would review what we read in the chapter. The review wasn 't the teacher standing up in the front and lecturing us, but rather making us do activities that were so wacky that it made it stick. One activity that I recall was when we were learning how messages get sent to our brain my teacher compared it to a toilet. SHe physically took the whole class to the girls bathroom and explained how messages are sent
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If you don 't relate things to what you already know you are more likely to forget. Our teaching at ECC should emphasize putting meaning to what we are learning. Relating the topic to something that others understand so when they think of that topic they can relate it to what they already know.

Classes could be so much more beneficial if we teachers gave examples or did activities that allow us to remember the information.Doing something that gets us up and moving and getting us to try and figure it out in a new and different way would be more essential than reading from powerpoint or slides. I think that we should have to read the textbook or slides on own time, and use class time to understand the concepts in an activity or in a way that 's more effective than just taking notes. Notes should be done at home, and class should be more for fully understanding.
Thank you!
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