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Language is a rudimentary device used to convey emotions through a complex communication that is used daily. Many people do not take the time to analyze it nor do they realize just how important it can be. Language, especially english, was something that was challenging for me at first but once I got the hang of it, I was expressing myself in ways I did not previously acknowledge. English is a second language for me, Serbian being the first. I felt well cultured having known more than a single language fluently. I never gave it much thought when I was younger as to just how exciting it was. The structures of the two languages that I know are extremely different, therefore I was lucky to learn a second language when I was a kid because my family seemed to struggle with it a lot more than I did. They became fluent, it just took more time. I was as fluent in Serbian as I could have been at the time before moving.…show more content…
I had known no english prior to the move here due to the corruption and war that was going on in Bosnia at the time. I do not remember what it was like before I spoke english but my parents informed me that I learned rather quickly. Television played a major role in my adaptation of the english language because I would quickly catch on to what the words meant. It helped that there were educational television programs that assisted me before I started going to school. Unfortunately, growing up being from a different country was not that easy, despite being similar to most children in school, several individuals saw me as an outsider when they heard my last name. I also had an accent when I was younger which caused kids to make fun of the way that I spoke. This encouraged me to learn everything I can about english and I did whatever it required to speak “normally” as others put

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