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I grew up in a Catholic family and to this day, I am very strong in my faith. My parents never forced religion on my siblings and I, but it was something that was natural to us. For example, going to mass on Sundays, praying the rosary at night, and praying daily. I remember when I was young, I never looked forward to going to religious education classes but I realized that I knew a lot of things that they were teaching because my parents already mentioned to it to me. Over the years, my family and I were very involved in the Church. We joined a Catholic family ministry called Couples for Christ - Foundation for Family in Life and we have stayed active in the ministry except for me because I moved to Washington for college. By moving to Washington, I knew that this would be a new chapter in my life and I knew that God was calling me to leave Las Vegas and discover more of what life has to offer.…show more content…
Honestly, I was leaning towards Theology because I knew that class would discuss faith and sacraments. However, I told my parents and friends, and they believed that I should be open to knowing different types of religions. Even though I am Catholic, it is okay to know the other religions out there so I am aware and not ignorant toward others. Instead, I should be open-minded and accepting. Coming into the class, I honestly did not know what to expect. But like they said, I should be open. And they were right! It was a good choice to take Intro to Religion. I enjoyed the class because I got to discover new religions other than

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