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When told that we had to revisit two past projects for revisions and editing, I was struck as baffled. I said to my self, if I had anything else to put into those papers I would have done so before turning them in the first time. Once I sat down and looked at the three essays I have written this semester, my eyes were open to the objective. After careful consideration I chose to work on both my literacy narrative and analytical argument. The choice to revise my literacy narrative came about because of my Redux project. While creating the Facebook page for the narrative I found a few things missing in my paper that I knew would give it a little more depth and meaning. Being that this narrative was my first ever college essay, I knew that I would be able to find issues within it once I reread it a few times. As I predicted there were many grammatical errors that I corrected. I also entered in a few more transition words and sentences to help the paper flow better. A large part of the assignment for this essay was to implement a lot of details. I have always been good with details in my writings, however, I had trouble when I first wrote this paper as to where the details were necessary and…show more content…
From first hand experiences I learned about the free Facebook public relations and advertisement abilities for Facebook pages via likes, comments, and shares. Being that it was a difficult concept to explain I wrote about a fake guy whose name was John and had a Facebook account. This was done to help me with wording issues. I got a few peers to proof read the paragraph to see if they understood the tier system that “John” played a part of. When all of them confirmed their understanding of the system, I decided to keep the paragraph. Innovation is a big part of writing; I hope that the way I explained of this topic is viewed in a positive innovative way rather than
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