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In the past 16 weeks, I have grown tremendously as a writer. As the final semester comes to an end, I see how much I have accomplished in writing. In the past writing papers was extremely difficult to do. I didn 't know where to start or what to even write about, but as the time went on, I realized that writing is important. My first day was very exciting, but nerve wrecking, I’ve been learning so much throughout the whole semester, and have proven to my teenagers that they can do almost anything if they put their minds to it.
First day of school was the most wrecking day ever, but I was excited. I haven’t been in school for years, and the sight of feeling old was on my mind. I was clueless when the first essay was issued, it was almost
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I believe that as we grow we continue to open our minds on different aspects of writing. I have also become very familiar with my computer. I was not aware of google docs, or even google scholar. I did not know how to research in the library. I am very happy that I feel a lot confident in my writing. I truly believe the growth process has a lot to do with time and the way you care about learning. What I learned is how to use word choice. At the beginning of the semester as I go back into my old work, I see so much difference in my writing. I am able to summarize a lot better which was hard for me. Even paraphrasing was sometimes confusing. As I began to research I learned so much. Reading really helped with with my ability to format my pages correctly I think the problem I had most was in grammar. There 's so much to learn in grammar. Sentence fragments was hard for me to identify. I am glad, I can spot them on peer reviews now. What I loved about this class was that everyone seem to make each other laugh. The discipline, I have gained from you was extreme to handle, although grew because of that, I am truly amazed at the way I write now. Everything I write seems to be organized. Looking back in…show more content…
My drive to succeed has shown itself. I made sure I had all my work complete and finished in timely manner. I believe I was one of the stronger ones in the class. I would like to one day look back at this and say how great I 've become, because of this class. I am very happy to have taken your class. It has revealed the best out of me. Writing intrigues a lot of people, because of the mood when you write, to express sentiments, viewpoints, and in that process feel the elasticity of mind. However, we often wonder, what does it takes to become a good writer? If you are already a good writer, what does it take to grow as a writer? My problem as a writer was an easy fix. The format and where to go to type it. I learned how to use google docs this semester. That made it really easy for me to write and save. I learned how to use slides with presentation, which I had never used before. That was very awesome to learn. I can now use slides for other things like my business. So that was helpful. I usually don 't have problems with standing up in the class, but for some reason I got overwhelm towards the ending. I think it 's because I finally felt comfortable having to go after people. The reason why I use to go first, so I
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