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Since I first started my service learning at the kindergarten I have been learning a lot from my students and their teachers, but I also consider that I have contributed to their learning. This school is so peculiar in terms of its philosophy that I cannot talk about reading, writing or science learning because the students at this school are learning in a different way. They are learning how to be kids, how to express themselves and how to live in harmony with nature. After going through my memories and field notes I think that I have helped my students in some ways. For example I remember when I went outside to play with David and Lily and David saw a bug that at first wanted to kill, but that after I talked to him he ended up liking and…show more content…
Each Monday I would ask a few students to help me to wash the napkins and cloths of the week and that has been a great experience for me. I have had to deal with very nervous kids that only wanted to finish early to go back to play, and I tried to taught them to calm down and take control of their actions. I have also been with some students that liked being there and they were talking to me about their lives. I spend time talking with those students showing interest for what they wanted to tell me because sometimes they just want to be heard and feel that they are relevant for somebody. I have been able to be the teacher of those kids for a short time every single week and that makes me realize that I have been able to manage them and teach them a lot of things. Washing is not only about washing, is about waiting your turn to wash, using first the soapy water and then the clean water, squeeze really hard the clothes so they are not dripping water all around, and finally take a clip and hang them on the line. A simple activity hides a lot of skills that the students have to manage in order to do it right. Another way in which I´ve help the kindergarten students is when they were finished with their painting I would walk with them outside the class to put their paintings into a box. While walking I would ask them what they had painted so they could start thinking about their
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