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On April, 12 2010 I attended Lakewood United Methodist Church. There was a cool spring breeze in the air, and the flowers in front of the church were just starting to bloom. Spring is a time for rebirth and that was exactly what was planned that day in my church. This was the day of my baptism a day of rebirth, fitting that it was spring and the flowers were just blooming. Inside the church the pastor opened by saying good morning, Then laying out the plan for that service. I was then called up and the appropriate passages were read after blessing a bowl of water and reciting lines of text in a Q&A format the holy water was dropped on my head and I was symbolically reborn. After the service I was presented a hand embroidered cloth with my name…show more content…
My dad, a huge influence in my life played golf, and had me playing it at a very young age. My father also practiced tai chi and played chess. While I never shared interest in tai chi I took to chess as a very relaxing hobby, but to this day have only beaten my father once in a chess game. However Golf is a different story I’ve started to surpass my father in golf and now he finds it hard to beat me. My father is a very special person to me, I treasure his company, I find it hard to be mad at him, and he will always be my best friend. Golf and chess represent the bond I have with him and for this reason i’d like these to be hobbies of mine until the day I die. I only have one dad, but I have three sisters, all of which a share bonds with but there one in particular I consider to represent an intangible emotion of mine. Mary my second oldest sister is twenty years old and still lives at home with me and my parents, and she will live with family for the rest of her life. At a young age mary was diagnosed with PDD (If you didn 't know PDD is like autism and is characterized by delays in the development of socialization and communication skills). Through my life, it has been hard to form a bond with her because for the weirdest reason she hated me. So I decided to bond with her and teach myself to be more accepting of her. Now Mary is as sweet, kind, and funny to me as she is to everyone else. The…show more content…
Later on in the summer I found out what that was…. On that day we met up halfway between our houses like we did everyday. The day was cloudy and there was a harsh wind. I figured we were about to have a huge storm so I suggested we shelter at his house, he however, ignored the black clouds and told me it wouldn 't rain until later that day so we decided to walk to the video game store to look around. Once inside the store we walked around checking out different games, but I noticed something weird, ted had taken a particular case and put it in his book bag when I asked him what he was doing he said he was gonna take the game now and pay later. After a minute or so of arguing quietly in the back, he started towards the exit of the store. I was split should I not snitch on him or should I speak up, before I could speak up the store manager stopped him from leaving and called me over asking me to empty my bag. A concerned customer had informed her that there were two kids acting, suspect in the back of the room. Ted was banned from the store and luckily they believed I was trying to stop him because the customer had overheard our conversation and explained to them my utterances to Ted. From that day I’ve carried the belief that being an upstander is the right thing to do and that you should stick

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