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Books of all sizes and shapes filled the house. There were stories of beautiful princesses, wild adventures, and Bible tales. Pieces of paper collected around the room over the years with writing that started off sloppy, but morphed into stories and essays. It was within the pages that were flipped and the paper that pens danced across that I learned to read, understand History, and discover my true writing potential. The water making its way down the drain leads to the best part of the night for the young me. It was a tradition that after I bathe my mom and I sit together and read a book. This was always something I enjoyed to do that also benefited me. It helped me progress in reading and learn the alphabet. The book that I loved most was…show more content…
It seemed simple and easy. When the next day arrived my teacher made us all stand in front of the class and read our essays, then critique each other. She explained how in the future she would only look over one rough draft. My first essay was critiqued by my peers and then by my teacher five more times. I was not confident in my writing and was unsure how I would get by with only one rough draft being looked over by my teacher. I felt that the professors would score me low and I would not be able to get college credit. Our teacher sensed that everyone was becoming stressed, so she took a day to review previous year’s student’s portfolios and discuss writing. Soon it felt like I could take on the task of writing and creating my portfolio. My binder began to overfill with possible evidence, I read books and took notes that I would be able to site. I had one hundred percent effort into writing the…show more content…
My teacher would grade my rough drafts multiple times, since I was weeks ahead. My peers started to fall behind. They missed deadlines and some even dropped the course. I was praised by my teacher for staying on top of due dates and was even told my writing had improved. The endless rough drafts and frustrating topics paid off. It was March and the deadline for the whole portfolio was due. I turned in my portfolio nervous and excited. My teacher told everyone that we could call her two weeks later for our grade, instead of waiting all day until her class to find it out. That day two weeks later, I dialed her phone number as quickly as I could. The news was upsetting, someone had to get a third professor to grade their writing. Therefore, no one could find out their grade. About a week later, my whole class got an email with the subject portfolio grade. I opened the email to find out that my portfolio had to be graded a third time. The first two professor’s grades were very different, one scored my portfolio a 96, while the other scored it a 70. The third grader scored my writing in the mid 90s, averaging my total grade to an A. That day I was ecstatic about my grade. Receiving an A meant that I would get college credit. I knew that if I could write over sixty essays, compile evidence, and hit writing deadlines, that I could do anything with my
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