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In the beginning of my junior year of high school, one of my close friends told me she was getting confirmed at church next Sunday, completely clueless I only nodded in agreement and said that was great! When we arrived home I asked my mom what confirmation was, and she explained to me that it was the next step, or Sacrament, in a Catholic’s life where you confirm the relationship you have and want with God. In the Catholic religion, you are baptized at a young age, most of the time, before you can walk. Later, you enroll and attend Sunday school for a certain period of time to prepare for what is called your First Communion, which is the third of seven sacraments received. When a person receives their first communion they are most of the…show more content…
The following Sunday after mass at my church in Wynne, we spoke with Father Sammy, our priest, to inform him on my plans, so he could make arrangements so I could start my classes soon. Within a week I met Louise Hess, who is the coordinator for the religious classes at St.Peter’s Catholic Church. I purchased the required book and my teacher was our deacon, Deacon Carlos. In Wynne and surrounding areas the Hispanic community is smaller in comparison to Jonesboro and its surrounding areas; therefore, my church community was smaller, and my class for confirmation was only me and Aimme. My journey of getting closer to God and receiving the Holy Spirit had…show more content…
Louis Hess organized a Retreat Day, which was a day to worship and have fun doing so, hosted at the Parish Hall. I went and met the American confirmation candidates, we spent the day doing religious activities, read letter, wrote a letter to Bishop Anthony Taylor, and attended a mass directed towards us teenagers. At Retreat Day Mrs. Louise reminded us to find a sponsor to accompany us on Confirmation Day, but to remember it had to be an adult who would always help us and not let us forget our Catholic ways; however, by this time I had already been asked by Francisca, a close family friend, to be her goddaughter, so I was set. To wrap our day up, Sister Josephina surprised us with a large envelope, for each of us, with letters from our loved ones, which we were not expecting. We spread out around the Parish Hall, it was nice outside so I sat at a nearby picnic table. The first letter I read was from my mom, it stated that she was very proud of the young Catholic daughter I was becoming, and that hopefully I stay with my innocent, pure, and kind heart and mind. As I felt the light and warm breeze go through my hair I literally felt the love written by my parents, sisters, godmother, godfather, boyfriend, priest, and Louise, my heart was filled with warmth and joy. My eyes flooded with tears and the barrier holding them back broke. I was so emotional, because it had hit me right then that when I would
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