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As educators, we never stop learning new approaches on how to teach our students and lead them to success. This week’s learning resources emphasized the need for collaborative forms of professional development and increase professional growth. The insights that I gained with the Learning Resources this week were very helpful for my professional growth. For instance, I learned about the many roles that a teacher leader must execute in the school and the benefits of collaboration among teachers. According to Knight (2008), each role requires a specific set of knowledge and skills with a distinctive set of challenges that meet a specific teacher need. By acquiring information about the different roles and challenges that a teacher leader faces in the…show more content…
I am an individual that encountered many problems as a novice teacher and nobody helped me with school procedures or teacher expectations. I still remember when I started teaching, I did not have a mentor nor a curriculum for the class; therefore, I did face many challenges with my students and I learned the hard way. I want to help these teachers with my effective strategies and resources that I utilized in my classroom. The lessons from personal experiences related to collaboration among teachers in my school are being very helpful in my professional career. Collaborating with administrators and colleagues helped me acquire new skills that promoted my professional growth. A lesson from personal experience on collaboration that is emphasized in this assignment, happened two years ago. I helped a new teacher implement new strategies to motivate his students to learn. The new teacher was been having issues with his students not listening and not putting an effort to learn; therefore, I decided to help him as a mentor, since I had more experience handling this type of issues. I
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