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Writing has always been thought of as the most therapeutic way for me to express myself. I 've always enjoyed writing because it seemed to have no limitations. As a teen, I would write short stories to entertain me and my peers while spending my allowance at the bookstore on young adult books. I would also write personal journals about things I experienced that I didn 't want anyone to know. I deeply loved writing, until life got in the way. Everyday issues began to take over my life, and I found it hard to get back into the writing groove. But then I took this course and fell in love with writing all over again. Although it wasn 't an easy journey, I owe my renewed passion for writing to my professor as well as my peers. I can admit I was very nervous about…show more content…
I also appreciated the journals because it allowed for me to remain in my comfort zone. Before beginning this class, my style of writing was a little unorganized and repetitive. I had a lot of difficulties clearly communicating my thoughts constructively on paper, and never contemplated my audience. I took advantage of free writing on numerous occasions and developed little to no technique. But while taking this course I learned various writing style, and key concepts to utilize throughout my paper. I discovered how style, diction, and tone are three different ways to describe the specific words I decide to use in my paper. Style refers to all choices regarding language that I decide to make to achieve my purpose of writing the paper. Diction is my word choice, which can be classified as formal or informal. Tone describes my attitude or emotion given off when reading my paper (Mindedge, 2016). Understanding these key concepts helped me to not only create a more structured paper but to reel my audience in from start to finish. I actually applied my knowledge of these concepts in my

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