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As my first semester at Eastern Kentucky University comes to a close, I sit and reflect on my writing as a whole. Of course I have gained new skills like how to push myself to do better, time management, and how to elaborate on my thesis. However, my grammar skills has not improved in my mind. A couple of aspects of this class was helpful while a couple were not. The papers that I have written in this class have been like no other I have wrote. The topics were a little difficult for me and I found it hard to complete them. However, I pushed through. I completed the papers on time and got decent grades on all three of them. The hardest for me was the first paper about language communities because it was a hard concept for me to grasp but I…show more content…
At least in my mind, they are bad. I get my papers back covered in red pen with grammar corrections everywhere. I could never get in my head proper writing grammar. I say writing grammar due to fact I have to speak in proper grammar because if I do not, my grandmother would yell at me. Yet when it comes to writing, it is rather difficult. Commas screw me up the most, then run on sentences. I will learn eventually. One aspect of this class that is not helpful to me is the fact that it meets once a week for three hours. It feels like we turn in a paper every time and we learn something new every time. It is really hard for me to stay focused that long and stay awake due to the fact Tuesdays are my busiest days. I guess it is my fault because I scheduled to have this class but, I thought I could handle it. It is also hard because if I am sick and miss class, I miss a lot of lecture. Then I have to play catch up. This first semester of college went by fast and swell. English 101 allowed me gain new skills and still realize that some parts have not improved. The journal entries helped a lot more than I thought and the timing of the class did not help at all. Heres hoping that next semester English I further my skills and learn more about myself as a
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