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• Why have you chosen this particular sample of your work?

I have chosen to use the reflection I wrote after conducting some research, and reading of articles about the population I am working with, which are adults who are developmentally, physically or intellectually challenged. I wondered why some of the clients do not attend the program five times a week; therefore, I consulted my supervisor and ask her for clarification. She then told me that it has something to do with the “passport funding” they receive from the government. I found in my research that this population are not receiving adequate funding that will help them attend the programs five days a week, therefore, they can only come one the day the funding can cover. In addition,
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This sample also show that I am not only going to my practicum setting, but as well able to work with them having a solid understanding of ways I can work with them to achieve their individual goals.

• How does this sample relate to your learning in the SSW program?

As a learning professional, it is required that we have a solid understanding of the issues and challenges the population we are working with are experiencing. To have done this research, it has change my perspective about funding any marginalized and under-represented populations might be facing. It has also enhanced my helping relationship, as I am able to display empathy, respect, care, warmth, active listening, and genuineness with my clients.


• Why have you chosen this particular sample of your
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This biography as demonstrated that I am thinking critically, and that I am applying theory to practice. It also demonstrated that I am preparing myself for the real fieldwork after graduation, and I am also open to learn new information and adapt to any unchangeable environment I find myself. Having created this biography, I have learned to focus on the clients’ abilities (strengths) as suppose to their disabilities. Further, I realized that they have much potential than people would imagine.

• How does this sample relate to your learning in the SSW program?

The biography relate perfectly to my learning in SSW program because it shows the importance of working one-to-one with clients based on their individual challenge and limitation. It relates in a way that helped me showcase some of the skills I have learning taking the SSW program at Sheridan College. It also understand that the way we work with clients have a significant impact in their
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