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1 Samuel 17:47 reads, “The battle belongs to the Lord”; too some this is just something that the preacher read on Sunday morning, but to me this is more than just a quote… This scripture has guided me through many troubles and hardships. These words signify the accomplishments of my baseball team and the scariest time in my life. The start of it all was at the beginning of my 2014 baseball career; my team first off was very spiritual in our own respects. Before we did anything as team we would kneel and pray for a safe and clean game or practice. However, we were approaching our first real game of the season and we all tried to think of way to honor our God while also reminding us of who and what we were playing for. So we immediately think of taping our wrists and writing our favorite bible verse, my obviously was 1 Samuel 14:47. The thought behind the quote was we were to do battle in one way or the other with the opposing team and I wanted to dedicate whatever outcome to God. From then on out I remained to have one item on me whether on my arm or in my bag that read that quote and reminded me who I was playing for. The upcoming games were scary especially the second round playoff game we played and later lost. However, none of the games we played that year were close to the fear I felt midseason. The fear that plagued me and family was the…show more content…
This surgery was really hard on my mom, just the thought of not having her breasts made her feel like less of a woman. However, she was a soldier through the entire process and I am extremely proud to call her my mother. The double mastectomy was a success and now the only aftermath of the operation is a couple of scars and some bad memories. She also now is healthy, which I’ll trade for some bad memories any day of the week. I am forever in debt to the blessed doctors and nurses that got us through

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