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As a writer throughout my public education, every year I was taught something different that by the end of the day I will come out of the class room all confused. Not being a perfect writer like many others has showed me that I can slowly improve in my writing. In writing there are many concepts known but each one is taught differently by each person. Not only are the taught different but they are also learned differently because it also depends on the learner. Since both reading and writing have never been that easy for me I can say that as a Senior in High School my english teacher taught me a variety of ways to be better at both. Not having the best knowledge in academic writing has put me in many different types of struggles because being…show more content…
Being a person that writes paper but repeats themselves somewhere in their paper is a challenge when wanting a paper to be clear so the reader can understand what is being said or going on. Entering a conversation has been difficult knowing that both readers and writers can start off with saying one thing but later in the text taking about something completely different knowing that the reader may want to know what is happening even if they started reading in the middle of the text. Leading that the use of the five paragraph essay may not be helpful to readers and writers or even ourselves, can make us only focus on simple and quick details which will not give the reader a better understand of what is happening. As writers dislike the five paragraph essay, they rather have more and explain the main details of the text, but also give a good conclusion. As I learned in the writing center, sometimes writers like to give a brief write and not start with the introduction but also give a good and useful conclusion at the end with about one or two paragraphs to give the readers an idea of what will happen next or how things finish out. Although, since many people have different points of views it makes a conversation difficult because there are a lot of different sides to that one
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