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Who is in our class? Are class is a blend of unique and sometimes bizarre people. This nonetheless allows us to come together as a group to broaden each individual’s knowledge of ideas and cultures. At the same time we need to be sensitive to other people. As I’ve done interviews it’s allowed me to see my peers upbringing and how they are the same or different than mine. This as a whole will allow us to be a more constructive class wellbeing considerate to other peoples’ past experiences. The largely mutual thing I found among the four interviewees was that all of them are from the Cedar Rapids area. I am the outcast, not from Cedar Rapids. This means 4 out of 5 people are from Cedar Rapids. This tells you a lot about the class because if this is a constant trend, which insinuates only 3 to 4 students in the class are not from Cedar Rapids. As a consequence of this it would be insensitive of me to talk about how Cedar Rapids reeks and how much I loathe this…show more content…
She is planning to work with kids that have disabilities. With a specialization in parent teaching to help inform parents on the proper care of their children. This issue hits deep in Haley’s heart. Her nephew was diagnosed with autism. This is what gave Haley her desire to help children with extra needs and their parents to provide them the preeminent care possible.
Others like Kyle Vandeventer had to arrive at Kirkwood before discovering his passion for computers. It took Kyle two semesters to discover his desire in life. As he reminisced about last year, he said he remembers saying to one of his friend’s, “This (IT field) is what I really want to do”(Vandeventer). This was when he decided to get a degree in Web Technologies. Kyle and Adam want the same outcome in the end, but we can appreciate the routes they took to get here is immensely distinctive from one another. Therefore, as a class we can appreciate this from learning from their unique life
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