Reflection On Writing Mrs. Maharaj

Good Essays
Entering the month of October, Mrs. Maharaj’s writing class 1-21 has completed a variety of assignments that have driven each student to enhance their writing techniques to their full potential. Up to now, we have been highly educated and/or reestablished to a mixture of subject that have already been embodied into our minds. Writing is a skill that cannot be mastered overnight, instead is a stretch of practicing grammar, formatting, context, spelling, and much more. Writing 1-21 has been preparing for an essay, in which we had turned in the final draft on September 23, 2016. Prior to the essay, many steps were taken in order to enhance our writing skills. Writing In-class essays helped Mrs. Maharaj to understand what type of writer each student…show more content…
Absolutely believe this was a tremendous help for me perfecting my essay, since I had received various forms of constructive criticism. Receiving this help from my peers allowed me to realize what I needed to fix and what I had to improve on as a writer. The main problem I had in my essay was not being entirely specific on a detailed situation. Moreover, I explained a situation or character, but left out the important facts. Definition essay was recently introduced to writing class 1-21, muddling two-thirds of the class. This was going to be some students first time writing a definition essay, so our goal that day was to make sure we understood its main concept. Definitions sets boundaries of a thing, concept, an emotion, or a value. The three basic types of definitions that were introduced to my class were formal, stipulative, and extended. Formal definition is a statement of the general class to which the word belongs to, followed by a distinction. Stipulative definition clarifies the way you are using a term. The last type of definition is extended definition and that explores a thing, quality, or idea in its full complexity, along with giving it a set of