Reflection On Wound Care Nursing

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Reflective Thinking: I am extremely grateful that Artman Lutheran Home allowed my classmates and I to participate in their patient 's care. I was able to do wound care with the wound care nurse on September 26th, 2016. I was able to get some really great hands-on experience while spending the day with the wound care nurse. I also was fortunate enough to be able to spend a day on their rehab floor where I was able to assess my assigned patient, help him with AM care and breakfast, and check out the physical therapy room, which was really neat. They have a little kitchen area set up, where they actually have the patient cook and perform ADLs so they can see how efficiently the patient can perform . For example, the one patient cooked an egg and another got to bake a…show more content…
I examined ethical, legal, and sociocultural issues related to community health nursing practice at Artman Lutheran Home. I demonstrated this by observing how the staff and resident do things at Artman in regards to ethical, legal and sociocultural issues. Some issues I noticed while observing how things go at Artman is how the nurse strictly does wound care and hands out medications. The fact that there is no time for the nurse to assess her patients every day before distributing medication can be pretty dangerous. I also discussed with come classmates how it is not safe to give medications out in the dining room where all the residents gather for breakfast. We are taught that medication administration should be done in the patient 's rooms to avoid medication errors and keep the patients safe. A lot of these patients are not fully with it physiologically and could accidentally take someone else 's medication. I also found it very disappointing how the nurses don’t take part in any AM care. When getting a patient washed up it is a great time for a nurse to assess the patient. The nurses here do not get that opportunity which is a
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