Reflection On Two Cultural Aspects That Changed My Life

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The main focus of this cultural autobiography is for me to be able to reflect on two cultural aspects that impacted my life and help me shape the way I am today. The first cultural aspect that impacted in many ways my life was being an immigrant to a new country without knowing how to speak a word in English. The challenges that I face were many throughout the years, especially when I started school and had not one single friend on my first day in school. Many immigrant students nowadays continue facing many challenges in the school settings, not only because English is not their first language, but also because teachers are not being trained to assist them with their educational needs. According to Borjian & Padilla (2010) every year thousands…show more content…
The first time I enter that school I was terrified due to having to sit next to children that were speaking very differently from me and having a teacher that seem to forget that I did not understand a word she was saying when she referred to me in English was the most difficult part of the transition. Every time the teacher was giving instructions for an assignment in English and I finally took the courage to ask for help, and the teacher reply by rejecting my request due to not having the enough time to focus on my needs was very embarrassing and emotional draining for me. Teachers need the training in order to assist this population in an effective way and be aware of challenges these students face when they are sitting down in their classroom trying to learn. It is vital for teachers to have knowledge of the social, economic, and education experiences these students had prior to attending school in the United States. In addition, teachers should be aware of what the students learn in the previous school and how they best learn new things, especially to help them learn new things in their non-native language (Borjian, et al.,…show more content…
I don’t only have to take in consideration the limitations I have based on how other ethnicities perceive my gender role, but also the expectations that are expected from me from my own ethnicity. It’s difficult sometimes to realize that you face challenges in life due to your gender and that your own culture have a negative influence on those challenges. Sue & Sue (2013) mentioned that in Latinos’ family structure is typically for the father to play the role of the authoritarian figure and children are expected to be obedient, specially girls and the boys are expected to work to help with the house expenses. I was glad that my father never over emphasized on this gender roles at home, but it was hard for him to stay neutral to the negative reactions he was getting from other people from our culture. The pressure of the gender role in our culture was not from my parents, but more from the people that belong to my culture and surrounded my family. It was very confusing hearing family members speak about how my father needed to be enforcing the rules at home with us, instead of my mother, and how my mother needed to teach me that females should be good housewives. It was a constant battle between what I believe and what the traditional gender norms are in my ethnicity. I agree with Sue, et al., (2013) with the challenges that females
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