Reflection On The Iexperience Trip

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Introduction The main purpose of the iExperience trip was to get to know more about the technology around us, and the future technology that would improve working and daily lives. The exhibition plays its role in showing users the next generation technology, how convenient it can be for everyone, including businesses and to the public. The next gen technologies showcased at the iExperience, plans to educate the users about the perks and possibilities of Next Generation services and the Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network to the public and businesses. The hands-on and engaging experience at the iExperience Centre has brought me to realise the usefulness and convenience these Next Gen services and technologies can bring to our daily lives. The iExperience trip has opened my eyes to the fast, innovative and effective Next Gen technologies, some of which has already been introduced into our daily lives. Content/Reflection Optical Fibre Network This photos shown below (Photo 1), is a setup of a the Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network, consisting of optical fibre cable, which provides increased internet speed and performance overall, and will benefit end users like the government, enterprises, homes and non-building address points (bus-stops etc.). How this setup works is that data is transferred from the internet into the optical fibre cable, which will transfer into the Optical Network Terminal, which converts the data to allow it to be sent to the computer cable, which will then be sent to the end users. This is quite an improvement , compared to the past, as it is a breakthrough, having optical fibre cables to improve the speed of the internet. This will aid users, be it at work, studying or using it wireles... ... middle of paper ... ...ient and the Smart Television, viruses and attackers have a new way of exploiting the systems. For example, using cloud computing, it is a must to have a good security, with a secure network for data to be transferred and for the Thin Client to be connected to the network server computer. The data must be encrypted while it is using cloud programming, as the data requires to be protected due the vulnerability flaws in cloud computing. And for smart televisions, as mentioned earlier, since the television is connected to the internet, it is a possible target for attackers, as now this smart television is also connected to private photos, social media and personal information. Therefore I think that although the Next Gen technologies bring us convenience, entertainment and effective functions, there is also another aspect of security issues to consider and improve.

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