Reflection On The Habits Of Mind And Practices

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Taming uncertainties can be both daunting and rewarding. I can attest to this claim because of a recent personal experience. I was assigned a task to reflect on the habits of mind and practices that I have found most useful for reading photographs and written texts productively. Difficulty arose during this reflection because reading has always been unfamiliar territory to me, but the lessons I have acquired have certainly strengthened my reading abilities. Earlier in my life, reading comprehension was largely limited due to my lack of incorporating analytical tools. Having had the recent privilege of learning more about some techniques used to read productively, I am now more comfortable sharing my stance on the task assigned. By applying the practice of observing denotations and connotations, and by utilizing the habitual strategy of noticing, I have learned to more accurately comprehend and thoughtfully connect with photographs and written texts that I now read.…show more content…
The document discourages personal judgement and instead highlights systematic “habits of mind” used to enhance reading (NFR&SW et al.). There are three primary steps involved in this system. The first step involves being aware of the things that are noticed while reading; the second step encourages focusing on those things that are noticed in order to rank them using personal value; and the third step addresses the reasoning behind how those things were noticed, how they were focused on, and why they were ranked a certain way (NFR&SW et al.). By reading this document, I developed a clearer understanding of how to read written texts more effectively, but it wasn’t until I read one of my favorite texts that I realized the effectiveness of this

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