Reflection On The Family Crucible

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There are certain lessons that I picked from the book, The Family Crucible, which can be put as simply as being an intense experience of a family therapist. The book looks into the ways that this therapy can find practical applications and tells a tale of a unique way in which this family therapy was used. Though the reflection that I have gathered up in my mind started in the face of how family ties, and blood relations are not honored and loved with the deserving intensity that they should have been, and how this unique way in which this family therapy can be applied in life.
While reading the book I felt as if the expedition was the true crucible. A crucible that made the family see the essential source of their difficulties in a way that also guided them to discover a solution to deal with the basic complications that frequently distress a majority of families nowadays. The authors’ tactic for helping the Brice family was perhaps the most contributory and emerging characteristic of the text. The system of using two therapists to help a family through psychotherapy is exceptional and one in which I have never heard of. I supposed at the beginning that this may look as if the therapists were ganging up on the family members. However, as I continued through the book, I thought that it was persistently the family who outvoted the therapists.
I personally prefer the systematic approach used in the book, which helps to achieve a unique perspective on how the family therapy can be used, individual problems can be dealt with and solved, taking into consideration that this is not the approach that a therapist may adopt normally. Parenting and the effects that parenting has on children are all discussed and look into; as I finish with ...

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...d in into therapy by considering that Claudia was their total problem and that her movements alone were the root of their problem.
A thought that this book produced was that of my earlier held belief that a child’s mind could be changed, and so can his preferences. When it came down to a healthier early development of these kids, according to research to be dependent on factors such as the nurturing and reliable relationships that have been nested around the child. The thought process of these young children is what decides the way that they will feel, this is something totally new to me, for I was of the belief that young children can be made to think as we please. At last, the family therapy helps us in raising children and better developing them and their mind as it is a responsibility of the parents to raise healthy, optimistic and motivated human beings.
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