Reflection On The Classroom

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For the purpose of this assignment I found myself in a grade 7 french class at Regent Christian Academy. This semester I am without a practicum placement however, I managed to get connected with a teacher at Regent where I had the privilege to sit in on two separate french classes. This was a unique circumstance because at Regent, the middle years rotate from classroom to classroom in correspondence to their class. Although I went on one day, I was able to observe two separate classes conducting the same lesson. I found this very beneficial because I was able to monitor the students reactions to the lesson as well as monitor the changes the teacher made after the first class in preparation for the second. Instructing the same lesson provided…show more content…
With respect in mind, students were very supportive of each other and were never quick to put down other students for trying and falling short. All of the students were very obedient in their behaviour always raising their hand before speaking and being very quick to listen during instruction. I was surprised at the minimal amounts of classroom disturbances that were present. The first theorist that comes to mind as a reflection of the teachers practice of classroom management is William Glasser. It was evident that the relationship between the teacher and the students as well as the fellow students to one another was valued and held at a higher standard. All of the students cared about the success of their friends and of themselves and that was reflected in their behaviour. Students were motivated from within to strive towards doing their best rather than the teacher constantly nagging or bossing them around to be productive. Greeting each student by their name and asking how they are doing as they entered the class demonstrated that the teacher did genuinely care for her students which was inspiring. And like any class there were some challenging moments but even amongst these challenges all it took were subtle reminders through comments or gestures to get
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