Reflection On Teamwork

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Reflection Paper This paper provides a personal reflective analysis on teamwork based on the previous class. Based on the reading, I learnt the following. First, organizations use teams as a medium of accomplishing workplace goals. Indeed, teamwork encourages the inclusive involvement of individuals in task performance. This relies on the assumption that teams comprise of individuals with common objectives. Furthermore, teams are a collection of individuals with various characteristics pooled together. Teams can easily complete tasks resulting in additional motivation, satisfaction, and productivity. Second, team norms involve a set of guidelines that teams develop to shape their form of interaction. This interaction could be between each other and other external members. Teams develop norms during their initial and subsequent meetings. Upon implementation, team norms guide and control the behavior of team members. They are also important in assessing the nature of interaction between members. Furthermore, they enable members identify any dysfunctional behavior that could negative...

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