Reflection On Teaching And Learning

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Teacher content knowledge is significantly essential to the development of teaching and learning. How a teacher processes curriculum and their teaching style go hand and hand towards a student’s education. A teacher’s pedagogy and curriculum impacts and affects student achievement and the student’s education that they are teaching. I know that when I first started teaching my pedagogy was direct instruction. This paper provides a brief overview of my pedagogical content knowledge of math, describes my motivation to be a better instructor and ideas for whole school improvement.

The basis of my paper are reflections on my practice. I understand that teaching is a highly complex activity that draws on many kinds of knowledge. Teaching is a complex cognitive skill occurring in an
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I talk with them how my parents spoke with me all my life. I stress the importance of education and going to college. I am aware that it is important to share cultural experiences, by using diverse backgrounds, values, and experiences that individual students and teachers bring to the classroom to expand our understanding of how our society works. My life experiences have always been positive. My mother is a teacher and my father is a historian. They always provided life experiences that were culturally sound and exposed me to some many different things. I keep all of this in mind on a daily basis in my classroom and during planning. When planning field trips I think about places and things that I enjoyed as an elementary student and continue to enjoy. I process with my students about these experiences and there is always some type of assignment that is connected to the field trip. I give the students lots of real world word problems to solve and I teach mini finical literacy lessons to help my students understand how important math is in daily life as a citizen in our
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