Reflection On Teacher And Paraeducators

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It’s common to observe teachers and parapeducators working together in an educational setting. Paparaeducators are tasked with numerous roles, which includes spending 47% of their time instructing (Carter, O’Rourke, Sisco, & Pelsue, D, 2009). However, paraeducators remain inadequately trained and supervised to perform many of these tasks, whereas teachers have not received any training on how to supervise paraeducators working in their classroom. (Dettmer, Knackendoffel, Thurston, 2013) After several informal conversations and one formal interview with a teacher and paraprofessional, I was able to explore the perspective that each role had about their school and relationship. The interview participants were working at a low-income alternative high school, with 90-95% of the students being Hispanic males, and 30-50% having documented special needs. During reflection, I researched strategies to improve teacher…show more content…
Carter, O’Rourke, Sisco, and Pelsue (2009) explain “Focused and relevant training coupled with well-defined responsibilities and adequate supervision and support may increase paraprofessionals’ confidence in their own abilities, qualifications for their job, and overall job satisfaction.” (p.356). Dettmer et al. (2013) suggest that when training paraeducators provide a rationale of the strategy, give step by step instructions, and next model the skill. This should be followed with observations of the paraeducator and providing them with feedback. In addition to the on the job training, focused formal training sessions can be provided by district to improve performance. (Trautman, 2004) Dettmer et al. (2013) expands on this rationale further by conducting needs assessments, then developing sessions, and offering professional credits or stipends for paraeducators who
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