Reflection On Social Work Supervision

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This year I am working with students in a Junior High school, offering support services. The ages range from 11 to 15 years. When working with this population, you are faced with many challenges. Some students are open to the experience while others are apprehensive. My experience thus far has had several revealing moments where excellent supervision had an impact on my internship. Shulman (2008), states that supervision of students and practitioners is central to social work. He also states that central to the process is the idea of one professional with more knowledge, skill, and experience guiding practice and development of another with less. I am greatly appreciative of having a supervisor that listens, guides and challenges me to explore. According to Kadushin & Harkness (2002); Shulman, (1993), the content of social work supervision should address four main areas: direct practice, professional impact, continued learning and…show more content…
The supervisor made a professional judgment that I had to adhere to and report the incident to the administrative staff as they are responsible for reviewing the alleged violations of ethical standards by the teacher. Reporting the incident was not the problem, but having to report on a colleague or someone you work with in the building is not an easy thing to do. I reported the incident to the task liaison and the Assistant Principal in charge of special Education. I felt that it was best to report o him since the teacher involved is a special education teacher. I was most uncomfortable in reporting the teacher. I know that her actions were inappropriate, but having to report someone you work with is not an easy thing to do. Reporting the teacher could have resulted in an awkward working

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