Reflection On Social Class

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Are people born into the social class they are now and “stuck” there for the rest of their life or are they able to work hard and change in which social class they fall into? In America there is 3 social classes. Upper class, those who don’t really work but still have money, middle class, those who have jobs in offices, and the lower class, those who work for everything. But social classes aren’t always just defined by the amount of money they have but their morals as well. I believe that with enough work and determination a person is able to grow and change their social class and my mother’s story is one of the many that have succeeded in doing so. Before I get into my mother’s story, I want to go further into detail about the division of…show more content…
3 brothers, one being mentally and physically disabled, and two other sisters. Having 6 children in their home meant a lot of financial responsibilities for my grandparents. When my mother was in the fourth grade, she was taken out of school along with some of her other siblings to help the family out by working. And that was enough for them back then, then my uncle’s health began to decline. In 1983, when she was 24, she decided to make the journey to the United States in order to help her family financially back in Mexico. A young woman, no taller than four feet eleven inches, and weighing only 120 pounds was willing to risk her life traveling over to The United States. She had no idea what to expect when she arrived, all she knew was that she was going to work hard for a better life, not only for herself but the whole family back home. When she got here she did not have a place or car of her own. So she was staying at a cousin’s house, sleeping on uncomfortable couches, for a couple of years. Sending the majority of her money back home. In this point of my mother’s life she would been considered lower class. She was single, had no car, no house, and no children. Then she meet my father and all that
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