Reflection On Practice 2: Inspire A Shared Vision

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For this reflection paper, I 've decided to focus on Practice 2: Inspire a Shared Vision, which concerns itself with the process of envisioning the future. I 've chosen this practice because this semester has been all about the future. Interestingly enough, Inspire a Shared Vision was the practice I scored highest on in the Student Leadership Practices Inventory by Kouzes and Posner. This focus on the future has been a dominant thought this semester for several reasons. Most obviously, I 'm a senior, graduating in May, who has no idea what path to pursue after graduation. I 've given myself the skill set and intellectual ability to pursue dozens of jobs in countless industries, yet I 'm completely and utterly lost. Which…show more content…
So rather than establishing a hierarchy, I 'll list the qualities and lessons in chronological order. The first lesson I learned about myself is that I struggle with saying no to requests, opportunities, and any sort of commitment. I started the semester with an internship, an apprenticeship, a new sorority, the Chief of Staff position for the Student Body President in SGA, 15 hours’ worth of class, a photography and web design business. Why? I have no idea. I didn 't want to be involved and committed to so many things; to spend over 40+ hours a week working on getting to my school work or other life commitments, but I did. My grandfather 's death allowed me to slow down for a little while and easily separate myself from the commitment I wanted and enjoyed the least, Chief of Staff. Another important lesson I learned is that I have an addictive personality, which isn 't always a bad thing, but definitely needs to be kept in check. I 've learned how hard it is for me to stop myself from working or doing tasks, and how often Forest has to coax me into detaching from my work and computer. I 've also learned how hard it is for me to commit myself and my time to what I want instead of what I 'm expected to want. Learning these important lessons allows me the opportunity to reevaluate my decisions and do what 's best for…show more content…
Wow. What a challenging question. I like it. I think my biggest contributions, no matter what they are, will come from my work ethic. When I 'm passionate about something, my level of dedication to advocating, educate, and understand the issue or topic is unstoppable. I think my inability to say no to a challenge or task combined with my passion and addictive personality makes me a great asset to any company or organization in any career field I choose. If I pursued what I really wanted, I would dedicate my life to a career in environmental conservation and photojournalism. I think I 'm scared to pursue my dream career is because I 'm scared that I will fail. My fear originates in the idea that if I don 't pursue it, I can 't fail at it. Some time ago, I took the Enneagram of Personality and the results of that test explained every personality trait I have and every decision in my life, making me true to my number. I 'm type 9, which is called the Peacemaker personality; someone who essentially shifts their personality to best fit the needs of others, which is why I have difficulty fitting into groups so I usually end up leading them. I think the biggest contributions I can make for the world is working to bring people together and heal conflicts through the work I contribute in the career field I pursue. I want to create harmony in my environment and the best way I can think to do that is to educate people about what I 'm

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