Reflection On Personality

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Daft study (as cited in, Spalding University, 2007), “Personality is a set of characters and processes that establishes a relatively stable combination of behaviors in reaction to ideas, objects, or people in the environment.” Personality is what makes us unique for it influences individual patterns of thought. It also affects our reaction to different life experiences and situations that may arise. The way, in which we relate to others, receive and appreciate things, says a lot about who we are as an individual, depicting various forms of personality traits. Personality is formed and developed as mentioned by UAMS Medical Center, (2011), it stated that, a person’s personality forms during their early childhood and is shaped through an interaction of two factors, their inherited tendencies and their environment. There are two broad areas that focus on personality: Understanding individual disparity, such as personality characteristics and comprehending how various aspects of an individual come together as a whole.…show more content…
“These five personality traits listed above, are used to understand the relationship between personality, and its effect on our behaviors”, (Boundless Psychology, 2016). “People who are high in Openness to experience are generally receptive, to entertaining new and challenging facets of cultural life, as well as personal thoughts and emotion” (Hogan, 2012). These people are generally well-rounded athletes, and artists who are very generous. “Conscientiousness is a fundamental personality trait that influences whether people set and keep long range goals, deliberate over choices or behavior impulsively, and take seriously, obligations to others” (Psychology Today, n.d.). Conscientiousness is associated with proactivity leadership and