Reflection On Personal Experience

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In the Openness to Experience/Intellect section, the Personality Test gave me a score of 53% which means that I typically don’t seek out new experiences. One example from my life that can accurately describe this result is when I learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 14. When I was a little kid I never truly had the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle, and as the years passed I didn’t took advantage of the few opportunities that I had to learn to ride a bicycle. However when I was 14 years old and visiting my family in Mexico a new opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle opened. During this vacation I was talking to my uncles and I told them that I still didn’t’ knew how to ride a bicycle, my uncles where a little bit shock by my revelation…show more content…
This result means that I tend to remain calm, even in very stressful situations. In my life I have had many experiences where I was going thru difficult times, that while did stress me out I was still able to remain calm and continue my life with little stress. One of these situations occurred about two years ago, during this time my grandmother was having multiple health problems and it seem that she could die at any time, and I was very worried about my grandmothers health because to me she is a second mother. Not only was my grandmother going thru health problems, but in my house my parents were having financial problems as well, and because we are a big family I was worried about the negative effects that these financial problems could bring to my family. If this things weren’t stressful enough, I was also having trouble at school. During this time I was really close to fail my Math class (I had a 62% and the final Exam was the last assignment we had left in the semester.), as anyone can imagine I was very stressful because of my personal problems and because I was trying really hard to earn at the very least a B (80%) in my Final Exam, which would bring my overall grade to a 75%, I was aiming to for this score because with this score I wouldn’t have to retake the class. As the date for my final exam was getting closer I was getting more nervous, until I realized that I needed to take a deep breath and relax, because if I didn’t do it I wasn’t going to help myself to accomplish my goal. A week before the final I was completely relaxed and decided to give my best effort to the test. This proved to be the best course of action because not only did I pass the class, but my score in the Final Exam was a

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