Reflection On Nutrition

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It is necessary to maintain a healthy nutrition in order to maintain a good health in life. It is a key factor to know what kind of nutrients you need for a good developing in life. When I did this assignment I learned many things about the food that I usually eat and what it is necessary for me to improve my nutrition. I also learned about how to track my daily calories and that there are empty calories that I need to take in consideration. Moreover, I discovered that I need to have more nutrients in different categories such as dietary fiber. I also took in consideration the amount of exercise that I need in order to burn calories and remain healthy. When I finished the food tracker I created a plan to improve my nutrition habits and to improve…show more content…
I realized that I eat an extensive amount of meat and that affected the category of saturated fat in the report. I fell into the category of under in the Dietary Fiber part; therefore, I plan to substitute some of the saturated fat for dietary fiber in order to get equilibrium between those two categories. I learned that I need to get some food rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. After some research, I discovered that I can obtain that drinking more milk and eating more fish. I discovered that I consumed fish not in a regular basis; therefore, I am planning to introduce that food into my diet. Moreover, I reaffirmed that I am in a good standing in many categories such as the total fat, sodium, copper and potassium. I discovered also that I am in a good standing in the amount of calories which I consume in a daily basis. I want to lose weight; therefore I want always to be less than 2000 calories. I reached an average of 1762 calories in three days; therefore, I have been accomplishing my goal. Furthermore, I was surprised of the amount of empty calories that I consumed. Even though I consumed a good amount of calories per day, I consumed approximately 340 empty calories per day. I am planning to lower the amount of empty calories which I consume in the
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