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Hello, In my profession, it is mandatory that we work as a team. We all have to look at our patients and bring our expertise to the table. On an average day, I can run you through the teamwork it takes when we get a patient come into the emergency room that has been in any sort of accident. It is mandatory that we all work together in order to save the patient’s life. Our first team consist of doctors. Within their group, they have an attending doctor, which is the main one giving, orders. Since we are a teaching hospital our attending have their team, which include an intern, and resident, which in our terms are doctors who are in training divided by their year of clinical. Than we have a set of nurses they are the ones who are in…show more content…
We have an x-ray technician to stand by and wait for the order to take an x-ray of whatever we may think is broken or to confirm any tube placement (endotracheal tube, central lines, or feeding tubes, etc.). There may be also be others services on standby to assist with any other issues. Then there is us the respiratory therapy. We come into play if the heart stop beating or they stop breathing or are having difficulty breathing. As a team, it is vital that each of us knows our skill in order to help the patients. When we come into a trauma where the patients are near death it is vital that we all listen and take orders from the doctors. Any loss steps can prove to be fatal to the patient. We must be actively thinking and listen as well as doing our own part. Without this teamwork, one person alone would not be able to save a patient’s…show more content…
It is never a time to yell or make someone feel as if they do not know what they are doing. I have had to take doctors aside and let them know the things that went well as well as those areas where there could have been some improvement. I have also been in situations where I have seen doctors make the wrong decisions and nurses have to correct the doctors on medication doses. It has not always went smoothly when you called to challenge a doctor but at the end of the day, we are there to save the patient and not stroke egos. For the most part people will listen, do what is right, and yell at you later after calling them out but at least you know in your heart you did what was right. Team is a vital key in my profession without it we would not be able to function. Each team member brings their own expertise to help better our patients. I myself have learned and developed from my own team. I have staff members who have been respiratory therapist since 1971. They bring knowledge and skills I could only dream of acquiring. I also have my younger staff who will teach me a new procedure or new therapy method. Each member is key in my profession I am privilege to work in a field that have such decency on

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