Reflection On My Journey To Becoming A Transfer Student

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On my journey to becoming a transfer student, women 's rights became extremely important to me. My own personal experiences, including the courses I took and blogs I read, changed the way I view gender roles. When I came home from Marymount Manhattan College after deciding to transfer schools, I returned to a truth I had yet to face. It was one that was building for years like rising water threatening to flood. I wasn 't overwhelmed or even particularly emotional about the impending divorce of my parents. That made sense to me. My sister and I were of age, and there were no vicious custody battles to be had. It was mutual. I was already imagining life post-lawyers, post-paperwork and signatures. I imagined time with my dad and time with my mom, and believed both…show more content…
One particular memory stands out to me. I am in my room, hushed and still. I have my ear pressed to the door, and in the pauses between shouting all I hear is the sound of my own breathing. I listen to my dad yell at my mom, asking her why she doesn 't put on a "sexy nightie" for her husband once in a while. In the seconds that follow it appears there is nothing to listen to, but I know I 'm hearing stunned silence. He knows I 'm upstairs, but he doesn 't know my image of him is changing or that somehow I am changing too. It was not just the demeaning, objectifying words that were said, but the way he said them. It didn 't sound impulsive; his voice was frigid. It wasn 't lashing out, and these weren 't words he would regret or apologize for later. The frustration in his voice was not out of panic over a failed marriage, but because my mother was no longer bending to control. I never claimed to want a place in the middle of their arguments - I wanted it to be over. This, however, was not something I could stand on the sidelines for forever. I didn 't have the answers or a solution, but I knew without a

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